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Fleet Manager


The Fleet Manager is responsible for maximizing the company’s fleet performance. They will work to achieve optimum driver and customer satisfaction, ensure equipment is running at peak performance, and make certain that the company is operating safely and within all regulatory guidelines.


• Sole communications link for drivers, including, but not limited to, load information, purchase orders, maintenance coordination, dissemination of general company news and information
• Ensure that each driver has an adequate understanding of all details of customer and company expectations
• Daily accounting of all assigned trucks and drivers
• Ensure timely and damage-free freight transport
• Work with other departments to meet companywide initiatives
• Ensure optimum performance in cost control
• Safety and DOT compliance
• Driver recruiting and development
• Provide training, coaching, and counseling for drivers
• Maintain a positive attitude in a high-pressure environment
• Fleet financial accounting, cost control, and reconciliation
• Create and implement processes for increasing the performance of the company’s fleet
• Performs other duties as assigned


• Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent industry experience preferred
• CDL preferred, but not required
• Relevant sales or management experience
• Demonstrated track record of achievement and success, ability to lead by example
• Creative problem-solving skills
• Ability to prioritize workload and thrive in a fast-paced environment
• Competitive by nature and driven to be successful
• Strong verbal and written communication skills, strong organizational ability, detail oriented, ability to remain calm under pressure, handle multiple and varied tasks
• Intermediate proficiency in general computer use, business software use, Microsoft Office, and basic typing

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